The United States ranks number-one in the world for cost of vital medicines.

A new study on global drug prices finds that Americans have by far the most expensive medications in the world.

A comparative index developed by UK-based @Medbelle across 50 countries reveal the differences in cost of some of the most widely-recognized and indispensable medications.

Thirteen drugs were evaluated on a dollar-for-dollar basis - whether paid by individuals or care providers. The medications chosen for comparison span a variety of common conditions: from heart disease and asthma, to anxiety disorders and erectile dysfunction. The index compares the affordability, or lack thereof, of these same 13 drugs across 50 nations, showing how prices in each nation deviate from the global median. The average prices of both the brand compound and generic versions were included in order to have a complete profile of each medication.

The average cost of life-saving prescription drugs in the U.S. exceeds the global median-price by over 300 percent. The U.S. is followed by Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as having the most expensive medicines, while Kenya and Malaysia have the cheapest.

The study reveals just how much the price of medications deviate on a global-scale, and the staggering disparity in what patients have pay for the same exact medicine across the world.