Over a thousand clinical trials have been halted by the coronavirus.

A researcher at Charité-Universitätsmedizin and the Berlin Institute of Health has reviewed more than 2,500 studies on clinicaltrials.gov that had cited COV-19 as the reason for suspending, terminating or withdrawn between January 12 and May 5. At least 1,099 (44%) trials were found to have been 'explicitly' halted by the coronavirus.

Oncology has been the most impacted with 28% studies halted, followed by cardiovascular (11%) and neurologic (8.5%) studies - all stopped by COV-19. About 97% of these trials were suspended, assuming a resumption once the pandemic is under control. 

A total of 538 unique drugs or biologicals were captured in the sample of clinical trials.

The study counted more than 39,400 enrolled patients effected due to the pandemic, with an anticipated enrolment of over four million patients.

While not conclusive (the results are not peer-reviewed), the study shows the deep impact of Covid-19 on product develop, and a potential looming interruption in the drug industry's pipeline.