Price difference to foreign countries for patented drugs continues to decrease.

The Swiss are narrowing the gap with other EU countries when it comes to the cost of medicines.

According to the the 11th joint international price comparison by @interpharma_ch and @santesuisse, branded drugs were on average 4.5% cheaper in Switzerland's nine reference countries (as of April 2020). This is an improvement from a price difference of 7% last year.

Medicines account for approximately 12% of total healthcare costs in Switzerland, and price reductions have saved CHF1 billion ($1.09 billion) since 2012. The analysis attributes the lower prices mainly to regular price reviews by the Swiss government.

The Swiss have also restricted reimbursement. In 2019, 136 products were rejected for coverage. Only 24% of products that applied for reimbursement were added to the country's drug specialties list within 60 days.

The assessment covered the 250 top-selling patent-protected drugs in the country.