Americans support government action to curb prescription drug prices

A survey released today by the nonpartisan @KaiserFamFound finds that 79 percent of respondents say drug prices are "unreasonable". And 63 percent say there's not as much regulation as there should be to help limit the price of prescription drugs.

About a quarter of Americans are having trouble paying for their prescription drugs, and a majority welcome government action to help cut the cost of medications. Eighty-six percent of respondents say they support having Medicare negotiate directly with drug companies to get lower prices. The poll also finds that 80 percent of Americans surveyed say that drug company profits are a major factor contributing to the price of prescription drugs. And only 25 percent trust drugmakers to price their products fairly. 

Taken together, these numbers should paint a sobering picture for the industry. As NJ Dem Senator Bob Menendez issued a "friendly warning" to the CEO's of several pharmaceutical companies testifying on Capitol Hill this week - "It's time to be proactive. If you do not make meaningful action to reduce prescription drug prices," he says, "policy makers are inevitably going to do it for you".  

(Diagram via @NPR