Evolution of the COVID-19 vaccine development landscape.

A global effort is underway to develop and mass-produce an effective vaccine to counter COVID-19. And while the whole world wants a vaccine, countries will naturally try to secure a supply for themselves first. So...who will get a vaccine first?

According to the latest landscape assessment via Nature Research, as of 7th September 2020, 'home-grown' vaccine developers are spread over ten countries across five continents.

Of 34 current potential vaccines in clinical trials, eleven are being developed by Chinese organizations and seven are being supported by the U.S. Operation Warp Speed programme, with a planned enrolment of more than 280,000 participants from at least 470 sites in 34 different countries. The WHO led GAVI/COVAX initiative has nine vaccines under evaluation covering a potential 172 participating economies. Additionally, candidates are being developed in Australia, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakistan, and the United Kingdom.

In China, Beijing has already approved one of its vaccine candidates for limited use by the military. Russia has also approved a vaccine.

While fair access for all is a global challenge amid growing 'vaccine nationalism', it appears vaccine technology is tethered to neither country nor institution.