American cancer prices start high and keeps going higher.

Americans pay almost twice as much as Europeans for new cancer drugs. 

According to findings presented at ASCO20 Virtual, prices at launch are 215% higher on average in the United States than in Germany; 205% higher when compared to Switzerland, and 186% higher in relation to England. And once on-market, prices go in different directions across the continents. 

Cancer pricing in America starts high and keeps going higher. From a cohort of 42 launched cancer drugs, 34 (81%) had increased in price post launch in the U.S. In comparison, almost 90% of all launched cancer drugs across the three European countries decreased in price. 

Cancer drug prices in the U.S. have increased by more than 100-fold since 1965. It might be prudent for U.S. authorities at this point to adopt some European principles that are clearly more effective at negotiating drug prices.