Pharma is showering Congress with cash, even as drug makers race to fight the coronavirus.

The world’s biggest drug makers and their trade groups have cut checks to 356 lawmakers ahead of this year’s U.S. election — more than two-thirds of the sitting members of Congress, according to a recent STAT analysis.

It’s a barrage of contributions that accounts for roughly $11 million in campaign giving. STAT’s examination focused on 23 of the biggest drug makers and the two major trade associations: PhRMA and the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, known as BIO. 

The drug industry’s political spending this year — much of which has flooded in over the last six months — comes even as most drug makers have thrown their energy into efforts into finding, testing, and developing Covid-19 treatments and vaccines.

Though the drug industry’s $11 million in contributions is substantial, the money is spread across hundreds of candidates and rarely significant enough to sway any individual race. While the industry’s campaign giving is broadly in line with other major industries, the analysis does underscores the array of connections between lawmakers and the drug companies they regulate.