The 10 most expensive drugs in the United States.

Six-figure price-tags for prescription drugs are increasingly common in the United States, with several products having passed the million dollar mark.

In 2019, the world’s most expensive medicine hit the market – Zolgensma, a one-time gene-therapy for a devastating infant muscle-wasting disease at a treatment cost of $2.1 million. Future experimental gene treatments are expected to hit up to $3 million per patient.

These prices have raised concerns about whether treatments – such as gene therapies, ultra-orphan drugs - can be afforded by governments and health-insurers that have been struggling to control health spending.

As a result of public pressure, insurer pushback and better data, pharma companies have been active in finding creative ways to getting reimbursed - from instalment plans and subscriptions to more complex value-based contracts that tie payment to when and how a drug benefits a patient.

Here is a break-down of the ten most expensive drugs in America via prescription-drug watchdog GoodRx, ranked by their annual cost for a typical course of therapy. Quantity of dose per product may depend on weight or body surface area of the individual, meaning that costs can vary.