Modèles de Prix Pour Médicaments.

A new law presented by the Swiss Interior Minister aims to create the legal basis for gaining access to innovative branded medicines through confidential market-access deals, or what is being called 'Modèles de Prix Pour Médicaments' (Dated Aug 19th, 2020).

The proposed change is essentially a 'confidentiality clause' on the price of medicines.

In an effort to expedite patient-access to innovative treatments (in particular cancer), Switzerland has started to negotiate special rebate deals with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Last year, public health authorities said there were deals on about 20 treatments.

Although the information on price discounts are publicly available, the proposed change suggests in some cases the amount of the refund will not be made public, especially where the discount is high or when the manufacturer doesn’t wish to make it public.

The clause has already been criticized and challenged by the Swiss Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Information. He argues the clause contradicts the principles of public-access and transparency.