Development of new antibiotics encouraged with new pharmaceutical payment system.

The UK is testing the world's first ‘subscription’ style payment model to incentivize pharmaceutical companies to develop new drugs for resistant infections. The NHS and NICE have implemented a novel pilot reimbursement model which ‘de-links’ payment from volume of use. The pilot is aimed at making the market for novel antibiotics more predictable and sustainable.

The scheme, which was officially announced by the Secretary of State for Health at the 2019 World Economic Forum, aims to reimburses companies for antimicrobials based on 'value rather than volume. The idea of the payment approach is to move away from paying for individual packs of antimicrobials and, instead, make an annual payment based on the health benefits to patients and the value to the NHS.

Currently, two treatments have been selected to move to an innovative health technology evaluation process. It is anticipated that these products will be made available to patients via the subscription-based payment model from early 2022.