Trust in pharmaceutical companies vs. the FDA to look out for the best interests of Americans.

Americans have little trust when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Fewer than 1 in 10 Americans have a great deal of trust in the U.S. FDA or pharmaceutical companies to look out for their interests. 

Just over half of Americans trust the FDA, half trust state or local governments, and less than half trust pharmaceutical companies or the federal government. Fifty-seven percent of Americans have some degree of trust in the FDA, though only 8% of respondents categorized it as a great deal of trust. For pharmaceutical companies, 42% had some trust in the industry, though only 6% said they had a great deal of trust.

Just under half (46%) of Americans trust a great deal or a fair amount of what Biden says about the coronavirus. Comparatively, under a third (31%) trust what Trump says.

This two-headed credibility crisis shows how difficult it may be to get Americans to converge around a vaccine when the time comes.  It also underscores the dangers of politicizing government agencies tasked with administering science and protecting the public.

This Axios - Ipsos Poll was conducted September 11th to September 14th , 2020.